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Better eye-drops for patients

The management of mu-Drop are all industry veterans (Merck&Co., Boehringer Ingelheim, Medisize, Norton Fluid Systems, NPBI/Fresenius and a Compounding Pharmacy) and earlier responsible for innovative products. In 2011 they created mu-Drop to combine the strength of pharma, medical, process and pharmacy know-how to drive fanatically the improvement eye-care medication. The first result of the unique combination of know-how is a micro eye-drop to patients suffering from severe Dry-Eye-Syndrome.

In 2014 mu-Drop was nominated for ‘start-up of the year’.

In 2016 and 2018 mu-Drop secured significant funds for development and manufacturing and entered into agreements to bring micro eye-drops to patients.

Starting 2019 mu-Drop products can be ordered directly from mu-Drop or approved distributors.

mu-Drop is ISO-13485:2016 certified for “the design and development; manufacture and sales of eye drop administration components and assembly systems” November 2020 (MD 711772).



mu-Drop has a fanatic passion to improve the outcome of ophthalmic therapies and drive the quality of life of patients

mu-Drop believes that the platform technology will overcome significant unmet ophthalmic medical needs and improve, amongst other ophthalmic disorders, the outcome of glaucoma and dry-eye therapies and quality of life


Every new medicated eye drop product will be a micro drop because:

  • Increased patient comfort and tolerability
  • Ten times less medication
  • High therapeutic compliance
A small eye drop, a giant leap for patients!

Developing micro eye drops is teamwork

mu-Drop micro eye drops can be manufactured very efficiently, are 10 times smaller than classic eye drops and thus require 10 less medication. mu-Drop is licensing the technology to preferred partners.

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