These are the most frequently asked questions about mu-Drop and our micro eye drops. If you have any other questions that aren’t listed here, please feel free to contact us using the form on our website or sending an e-mail to info@mu-drop.nl.

Are micro eye drops effective?

The effectiveness of micro eye drops has been demonstrated in many studies, with different drugs, in patients and volunteers.

Are mu-Drop micro eye drops supplied in bottles

mu-Drop micro eye drops are supplied as micro eye drop product for single use

Where can I find Instructions for Use?

You can find Instructions for Use at this website or you can ask your pharmacy.

Can I store and re-use a micro eye drop product?

You may never store a micro eye drop product to use it a second time. When you have used, the micro eye drop product, you must dispose it.

Do I need to open the micro eye drop product?

When the micro eye drop product is released from the blister properly it is automatically opened.

What does it mean that I must use the micro eye drop product ‘immediately’.

Use the micro eye drop product preferably within 15 minutes after releasing from the blister.

Do I need to remove my mascara before administering a micro eye drop?

You do not need to remove mascara before administrating a micro eye drop.

Could someone else administer a micro eye drop in my eye?

Your spouse, nurse or other person can administer a micro eye drop in your eye

A small eye drop, a giant leap for patients!

Developing micro eye drops is teamwork

mu-Drop micro eye drops can be manufactured very efficiently, are 10 times smaller than classic eye drops and thus require 10 less medication. mu-Drop is licensing the technology to preferred partners.

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