mu-Drop micro eye-drops

A technology for manufacturing micro eye-drops

For many years the medical community is aware that smaller eye-drops are as efficient as larger eye-drops and because less medication is administered and the micro drop fits in the eye, patients experience less side-effects. Pharma R&D has until recently not resulted in a cost effective micro-eye-drop which can be manufactured without major investments in equipment and regulatory support. mu-Drop has a fanatic passion to improve the outcome of ophthalmic therapies and drive the quality of life of patients. mu-Drop developed a technology that is ideal to develop and manufacture micro eye-drops to treat Dry-eye, Glaucoma, Conjunctivitis and other eye diseases.

About us

10 times smaller than classic eye-drops

It is a challenge for the medical community to make patients use eye-drops life-long. Unpleasant side effects cause patients to discontinue their medication. mu-Drop micro eye-drops are 10 times smaller than classic eye-drops and thus require 10 times less medication. Side-effects that cause patients to discontinue their medication, may be reduced dramatically. Per micro eye-drop 10 times less medication is used.

How it works

Perfectly fits in the eye

A mu-Drop micro-drop single use device delivers a very small micro drop in the eye. It delivers all medication in the eye without spillage to the nasal cavity or on the cheeks. mu-Drop micro eye-drops fit perfectly in the eye which may reduce side effects, improve quality of life and increase ophthalmic therapeutic effectiveness. This results in the following benefits:

  • Significant less local side-effects
  • Significant less systemic side-effects
  • Self-administering of an eye drop is simple and no waiting after administration
  • Patients should better adhere to their therapy and the therapeutic outcome may increase

The micro drops are very simple to use in 3 simple steps: 1) open the blister, 2) take the product out and 3) drop an eye-drop in the eye.

User information

Custom micro drops

Thanks to the revolutionary technology of mu-Drop, it is possible to produce an inexpensive micro-eye-drops that have a lot of benefits for patients. No excess medication is administered by a micro eye-drops and therefore is the tolerability very well and are local and systemic side-effects minimized. The mu-Drop technology allows medication to be prepared for 1 single patient as well as in large volumes by big-Parma. The manufacturing process is a fully closed system to increase product integrity and patient safety.

More information about the micro-eye-drop?

Due to the mu-Drop technology it is possible to manufacture micro-eye-drops very efficient. Moreover, the eye drop is 10 times smaller than a classic eye drop and thus requires 10 less medication. Since the micro drop fits perfectly in the eye, side-effects will be reduced. The micro-eye-drop improves quality of life of the patient and therefore the patient will be more loyal to the product. Are you interested in the mu-Drop technology or do you want more information? Please feel free to contact mu-Drop.

A small eye drop, a giant leap for patients!

Developing micro eye drops is teamwork

mu-Drop micro eye drops can be manufactured very efficiently, are 10 times smaller than classic eye drops and thus require 10 less medication. mu-Drop is licensing the technology to preferred partners.

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