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Fits in the eye, as effective as a classic eye drop

Only the medication in the eye has a therapeutic effect on the eye therefore are mu-Drop eye drops as effective as classic eye drops.

The excess medication administrated by classic drops that is spilled on the cheek or into the nasal cavity may cause unpleasant and even un-wanted systemic side effects

The simplest way to avoid excess medication is to administer a eye drop that fits in the eye

mu-Drop eye drops fit in the eye

Three simple steps

mu-Drop eye drops are administered in 3 simple steps:

  1. Open the seal
  2. Release the device from the blister by pressing down on the device
  3. Gently squeeze 1 drop into each eye

Patients can immediately continue their activities because no waiting is required after administering a mu-Drop eye drop

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User instructions

mu-Drop made an instruction to make administering an eye drop very simple.
Please download the step by step instruction how to administer a mu-Drop eye drop.

The first instruction is to allways wash your hands before administering eye drops.
In several graphs is explained how to best administer a mu-Drop eye drop.
The last instruction is to dispose the device immediately after use because using a device several hours later a second time is not as intended and may cause an infection

Download user instructionsView an user instruction film

Research indicates that smaller eye drops are equivalent with less side-effects

It was already demonstrated in the 80’s that smaller eye drops are equivalent to larger drops. Later it was also demonstrated that smaller eye drops have less side effects

Until recently all new and generic eye drops had a typical volume of 25 microliter to 50 microliter and eye drops that fit in the eye (smaller than 10 microliter) were not available

mu-Drop developed a micro eye drop of 6 microliter that fits perfectly in the eye, is similar effective and has less side effects.

Research Micro Eye Drop
A small eye drop, a giant leap for patients!

Developing micro eye drops is teamwork

mu-Drop micro eye drops can be manufactured very efficiently, are 10 times smaller than classic eye drops and thus require 10 less medication. mu-Drop is licensing the technology to preferred partners.

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