Serum eye drops

1 donation, 1.750 products

mu-Drop developed a single use micro eye drop which allows Blood Banks and Hospitals to manufacture serum micro eye drops very efficiently in a closed system.

One single blood donation is enough to manufacture 1.750 single use serum micro eye drop products.

mu-Drop offers the equipment and components to Blood Banks and Hospitals to manufacture serum micro eye drops.

The mu-Drop product is patented.

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Scalable manufacturing process

mu-Drop offers dedicated equipment to Blood Banks and Hospitals that assemble micro eye drop products:

  • Semi-automated CE certified equipment
  • EMC / LV / WEEE / RoHS / Eudralex
  • Cost effective
  • Scalable process from small to large annual volumes
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Fully closed manufacturing

mu-Drop offers dedicated components to manufacture serum micro eye drop products in a fully closed system that comply with relevant directives and regulations:

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Simple to use

Serum eye drops are ‘prescription only’ and prescribed by ophthalmologists

Each micro eyedrop product holds 6 micro eye drops.

mu-Drop micro eye drops are;

  • Comfortable
  • Single use
  • Simple to use also for older patients

To learn more about the mu-Drop micro drops check ‘User Information’ page

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A small eye drop, a giant leap for patients!

Developing micro eye drops is teamwork

mu-Drop micro eye drops can be manufactured very efficiently, are 10 times smaller than classic eye drops and thus require 10 less medication. mu-Drop is licensing the technology to preferred partners.

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